Friday 26 March 2021

Keeping On: The Knights' new video and annotated score

The New York-based ensemble The Knights, artistic directors Colin and Eric Jacobsen, have just released a new video, Keeping On but in fact the ensemble has released two videos, you can watch the video of the orchestra members performing [on YouTube[ but for those interested in the musical nitty-gritty there is also a video [above and on YouTube] of the annotated score.

The project was a group one, with a group of the members of the ensemble being responsible for developing the piece, Michael P. Atkinson, Logan Coale, Zachary Cohen, Christina Courtin, Colin Jacobsen, Dave Nelson, Yaira Matyakubova, Alex Sopp, plus Christina Courtin and Alex Sopp contributing the song, and Michael P. Atkinson doing the arrangement and orchestrations. And the annotated score highlights the various contributions, you can read more about the project in Colin  Jacobsen's post on The Knights' website.

The Knights evolved from late-night chamber music reading parties with friends at the home of violinist Colin Jacobsen and cellist Eric Jacobsen. The Jacobsen brothers, who are also founding members of the string quartet Brooklyn Rider, serve as artistic directors of The Knights, with Eric Jacobsen as conductor. The Knights are committed to creating unusual and adventurous partnerships across disciplines; they perform in traditional concert halls as well as parks, plazas, and bars, all in an effort to reach listeners of all backgrounds. [We caught The Knights at the Dresden Music Festival in 2016 with a programme which included Beethoven's Triple Concerto, see my review]

Further information from The Knights' website.

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