Monday 6 November 2017

Warning: this is not an opera! (it's much more fun...)

Billed as somewhere between a gig, an exhibition and a cabaret night, Shadow Opera's Stop all the clocks promises music by Weill, Schoenberg, Berg, Britten, Satie and Poulenc, alongside specially-made short films inspired by the music the singers will be performing live, creating immersive, engaging vignettes. We are promised an evening to delight, inspire and thoroughly seduce with delicious musical oddities!

Performers include Sophie Goldrick (mezzo-soprano), Patrick Terry (countertenor), Frieda Love (cabaret artist), Alice Privett (soprano), Sofia Troncoso (soprano), and James Long (piano), and the event takes place at the Copeland Gallery, Peckham, 9, 10, 11 November 2017.

I am sure it will be a fascinating evening, but I slightly worry about an event which bills itself with 'WARNING: THIS IS NOT AN OPERA! (it’s much more fun…)', and the press release says of the composers, 'don’t know who they are? doesn't matter, they’re dead anyway…'.

Further information from the Shadow Opera Group website.

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  1. Don't be worried Robert! You DO know who the composers are, so you'll have a great time too! See you there.


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