Saturday 18 April 2020

Make our Garden Grow

As a response to lock-down, British Youth Opera(BYO) drew together a group of BYO Alumni to perform 'Make our garden grow', the final chorus from Leonard Bernstein's Candide

The assembled talent features Natasha Argwal, Joshua Baxter, George van Bergen, Katherine Broderick, Katie Coventry, Paul Curievici, Llio Evans, Fiona Finsbury, Tina Gelnere, Jack Holton, Jennifer Johnston, Martha Jones, Elizabeth Karani, Andy Lee, John Lofthouse, Pedro Ometto, Anna Patalong, Kieran Rayner, Matthew Salter, Elena Sancho, Victoria Simmonds, Nicky Spence, Morgana Warren-Jones, Fflur Wyn.

Do support BYO current fund-raising campaign to enable thenhelp hundreds of young professionals grow their own careers in opera.
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