Wednesday 31 March 2021

The Adam Mickiewicz Institute invites you to explore Penderecki's Garden

Penderecki's Garden

The Polish composer Krzysztof Penderecki devoted his spare time to nurturing his remarkable garden in Lusławice, Poland. Now the Adam Mickiewicz Institute has created an online Penderecki's Garden, to combine his two greatest passions – music and flora – to celebrate his life, compositions and inspirations through a virtual garden. Penderecki’s Garden is an interactive space inspired by the work of Krzysztof Penderecki and through the virtual garden’s layout, architectural structures and vegetation, audiences are invited to explore the life of Penderecki alongside compositions, inspirations and poems. 

The website is intended to provide a comprehensive overview of the composer’s legacy along with short sound, visual and audio-visual pieces to show the scale and significance of the cultural phenomenon of Penderecki’s music which crosses over multiple genres including film, rock, jazz, classical and electronic. 

Completing the garden analogy, the website is divided into sections (with more to come):

  • The Maestro's Manor - Penderecki's thoughts and reflections as well as memories of family, friends, colleagues and pupils
  • The Park - take a walk in the park designed by Penderecki
  • The Music Salon - listen to the composer's works, learn more about them
  • The Amphitheatre - attend a concert

An imaginative concept and certainly one to tempt you into exploring further.

Explore Penderecki's Garden

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