Monday 24 May 2021

ARMSymphony AI Violin Competition

ARMSymphony AI Violin Competition

 The issue of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and classical music is an intriguing one, we don't seem to be there yet, quite. But technological developments in the area are significant. Now a new competition is going to showcase just such innovations.

The ARMSymphony AI Violin Competition will feature competitors playing Khachaturian's Violin Concerto with an orchestral accompaniment recorded by the Armenian State Symphony Orchestra 'conducted' by a remarkable new app, Cadenza Live which has been developed by Metamusic Inc. The Armenian State Symphony Orchestra has a track record of technological innovations, it took the 2020 Khachaturian competition online, using technology that was specially created to synchronize recordings submitted by contestants with the playing of the orchestra.

The new app allows musicians to play with an attentive AI accompanist, making music together in real time (rather than synchronizing the solo and accompaniment after the fact). So competition is aimed at musicians from around the world, many of whom may not have ready access to a sensitive accompanist, to show what they can do, technically and musically, with the backing of a skilled and responsive (albeit virtual) professional orchestra. 

There is more detail at the Metamusic website, and the competition is open to all violinists with a deadline of 15 September 2021.

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