Thursday 6 July 2017

Hong Kong Music Series in London

Hong Kong Music Series in London
The Hong Kong Music Series, 7 to 28 July 2017, is a sequence of concerts presented in London by the Hong Kong Arts Development Council showcasing talented musicians, composers and performers from the region. Five events, presented across London at St John's Smith Square, Wilton's Music Hall, the Shaw Theatre and Richmond Theatre, present a wide range of styles and cultures, from classical to contemporary and jazz, from Chinese music theatre to pop and chamber opera.

The series opens on 7 July with Music Interflow - a Dialogue of Two Cultures at St John's Smith Square, celebrating the complementary yet contrasting Chinese and British common heritage and close relationship, through classical and contemporary music, performances featuring some of Hong Kong’s finest musicians. Further events include jazz and classical fusion with aerial film projection at Wilton's Music Hall, three contrasting recitals from classical to pop, jazz, classical fusion at Wilton's, Chinese music theatre at the Shaw Theatre, and the European premiere of Datong: The Chinese Utopia at Richmond Theatre. Datong: The Chinese Utopia is a collaboration which brings together inspirational creative artists and exceptional singers from Hong Kong to chronicle the 20th century Chinese scholar Kang Youwei’s life.

Two decades after the UK handed Hong Kong back to China, relations are not uncomplicated with worries over the erosion of democracy (see article on Guardian website). The concert series will hopefully present a chance to both celebrate the region's artists and to explore the shared heritages of the two cultures.

Full details from the Hong Kong Music Series website.

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