Tuesday 18 October 2016

Vivaldi Rocks: Hugo Ticciati and O/Modernt at Kings Place

Hugo Ticciati and O/Modernt
Hugo Ticciati and O/Modernt
Hugo Ticciati and his Swedish ensemble O/Modernt Chamber Orchestra are returning to Kings Place on Saturday 22 October 2016 for a typically challenging and intriguing concert. Very much true to the ensemble's name (which means Un/Modern in Swedish) they are combining Vivaldi concertos with rock music in arrangements of Metallica, Muse and Dream Theater. The Vivaldi concertos will include the Concerto for Two Cellos in G minor RV 531, Bassoon Concerto in A minor RV 499, 'Winter' from the Four Seasons RV 297 and La Folia, Op.12 No. 1. The pairing might seem a bit extreme, but this was some of the most popular music of the day and performances in Vivaldi's time were far more emotive than many of our polite renditions, in fact, according to music historian Richard Taruskin, the best way to understand the excitement of an original Vivaldi performance is to attend a rock concert.

The idea is not to 'rock up' Vivaldi but to emphasise the 'latent rock' in his music by artful pairing. There are innovations, the two soloists in the double cello concerto are a bassoon and a double bass, the basso continuo is played on a Hammond Organ, which should create a rather interesting sonic buzz. You may bridle at the idea of a Hammond Organ, but plenty of classical ensembles beef up the continuo in various ways and take a creative view, this is just an additional step. In La Folia, the soloists will be performing improvised rock-style cadenzas. The works by Metallica, Dream Theater and Muse will be interspersed between the movements of the Vivaldi to create a seamless whole.

So go along without pre-conceptions and listen to Vivaldi with new ears. Further information from the Kings Place website.

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