Tuesday 3 May 2005

The Print Shop

Over the weekend the house has started to resemble a print shop. I am printing the choral copies for my birthday concert on 1st July. So I'm busy printing, sorting, collating and assembling 8 copies of all the scores. This involves a lot of manual feeding, as my printer does not do double sided easily. I'm always fussy about the look of music and take a great deal of care about the design of a vocal score, covers etc. But I am always the world's worst proof reader when it comes to my own material. So there is nothing worse than standing there printing away and suddently noticing a solecism when you are just printing the final copy.

We also had an unsolicted order at the weekend for a couple of vocal scores for my song cycles. It is always rather gratifying to get orders from complete strangers who have found you via the wonders of the world wide web.

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