Tuesday 23 August 2005

Moments with Weber

We were listening to the repeat of the Prom yesterday afternoon and it included the overture to Weber's Die Freischütz which rather took me back. In the 1970's I played in the Grimsby and Cleethorpes Youth Orchestra and after I went to university used to try and attend their concerts. At one of these, the orchestra were celebrating the retirement of Arthur Morley, the Horn tutor. He was not someone I knew very well, but his elder sisters had been at school with my aunt so that within our family he was referred to as Young Arthur Morley, even though middle-aged!

For the concert GCDYO had brought back many of his ex-pupils. Jonty Harrison had written a piece for a ridiculous number of horns, 4 horn players played the Schumman Konzertstuck for 4 horns and Orchestra and Arthur himself had produced a lovely piece called Moments with Weber for a rather large no. of horns and orchestra. A magical evening.

We were listening using Broadband rather then the Radio. Radio 3 reception here in Brixton is pretty poor so its a joy to be able to get a good signal view my trusty PC. Though it is rather un-nerving that the Internet programme is not quite in synch. with the radio, so you can't have both on at the same time in different parts of the house.

Tonight we'll not be listening to the radio we'll be there for Julius Caesar, our first prom. of the season.

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