Thursday 8 September 2005

Washing the Magi's Face

I've now reached the stage with my new choral work, The Magi, that I feel confident it does really exist and have produced a Web Page. So I'm now at the stage of washing its face (or perhaps washing their faces) - a term used, I think, originally by Vaughan Williams. In my case, this means that I am constantly thumping out bits of the score on the piano, usually very slowly, and occasionally alter odd notes. Its rare for a piece to reach this stage and then require major surgery, but it does happen. I sometimes have radical re-thinks about endings; in fact I am still not sure about the end the The Magi but I'm sitting on that at the moment.

I am also working on a leaflet to publicise my collection of motets, Tempus per Annum; I'm hoping to send these out during this month along with CD's of the 4 advent motets, recorded at my birthday concert this July. I am also putting these recordings on the web. I've already posted 2 to this blog, using AudioBlog and will be doing the rest this week, or early next. They will also go on my own website as I plan to have a radical overhaul of the midi and mp3 files, in the light of the facilities provided by AudioBlog (

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