Thursday 24 November 2005

Chelsea 2006

Well, plans are inching forward for our concert at next year's Chelsea Festival. The conductor, Paul Ayres, and I have agreed a programme and I have confirmed that our proposed venue, St. Mary's Roman Catholic Church, is available. So it looks as though we might have a concert! I have also started confirming the willingness of people to sing, so we might have a choir! Both of which are a great relief. I have also started booking rehearsal venues; this is a potential nightmare as we tend to decide when conductor and singers can manage a rehearsal and then look for somewhere to rehearse.

I have also made concrete steps towards writing my new piece for the concert. I've provisionally called it Crossing after the collection from which the Tagore poems come, but this may change. I'm experimenting with a slightly more formal structure than usual. Its a Passacaglia which stays in one key, rather than wandering about as is my wont; mind you the key in question is A minor with an added G sharp which might cause problems with the singers, ho hum!

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