Thursday 11 May 2006

Tuesday's lunchtime recital at the London Festival of Contemporary Church music presented 10 pieces by 10 different living composers, all written for soprano and keyboard. Soprano Nathalie Reybould and accompanist Paul Ayres did full justice to the variety of styles. Paul played on 3 different keyboards - piano, chamber organ and computer organ (the church's main organ is currently poorly and the choir organ is still in the process of installation). The music ranged from Timothy Salter's piece which was premiered in 1971 (and received its London premiere in 1974 in the same church as Tuesday's concert, St. Pancras) to a piece written especially for the concert. A number of composers were present at the recital, including myself. Nathalie and Paul performed my Faith, Hope and Charity, the first time the piece has been sung by someone other than the soprano for whom it was written, Rowena Wells.

The Festival runs until Sunday and on Saturday night you can hear the premiere of a new oratorio by Francis Potts, who also had a piece performed at Tuesday's concert.

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