Wednesday 9 August 2006

Country Life in the Barn

I've been catching up reading the copies of Country Life which arrived whilst we were away. In her column for 27th July, Carla Carlisle talks about her growing disenchantment with travelling far to listen to music (she lifes on a farming estate near Bury St. Edmunds and runs a restaurant there). Her column struck a chord with me, especially in the light of my posting on this site yesterday.

Interestingly, one of her solutions was the Summer Music festival in Blackthorpe Barn, which is close to her home. This is a festival which has been enjoyed by other friends who have a weekend place in Norfolk. They came back singing the praises of the concert which they attended at the Barn. The festivals are run, on a shoe string, by the Barn's owner, George Agnew. Evidently he eschews the red tape required to get a grant from the Arts Council, something that I can sympathise with (FifteenB haven't managed to get a grant since 1998).

So next year in July, perhaps we'll have to make room for a trip to Norfolk.

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