Saturday 18 August 2007

London Handel Festival

I see that the programme for next year's London Handel Festival is on line. It looks interesting as ever. The oratorio is Joshua, one of those for which we know a couple of items but the rest is a blank (or a blur at best). Its not one of his best, and the libretto is a bit crap but nothing Handel wrote is entirely without interest,

They are also doing the Italian version of the Acis and Galatea story, Aci, Galatea e Polifemo a rather different take on the events to the more familiar English pastoral. The opera is Atalanta, which was written to celebrate a Royal Wedding and is charming but less 'heavy' than some of his pieces. I have an old recording of it on LP's but have not seem the opera on stage.

I notice that there is some variation in venue this year. Acis and Galatea will be disporting themselves in Middle Temple Hall and there is a chamber music concert, Handel at Home, in the Wigmore Hall. This is welcome as, frankly, I find St. George's Hanover Square neither comfortable nor adequate in regard of sight lines.

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