Monday 21 January 2008

A review of Friday's concert will appear soon, but whilst at the concerts a couple of further points occurred to me on the subject of Friday's post. The first was as a result of overhearing a couple talking. Metropolitan concert goer that I am, an advantage of the weekend binge format which I had overlooked is that out of town people can come in an get a substantial amount of music in a short time. I suppose that this is one of the biggest advantages of the format and one that I can't argue with.

But, I was surprised as the sparseness of the audience at the Friday evening concert in the Barbican Hall. Only the stalls level was open and that was not full, though there were quite a lot of musical luminaries there. By contrast the late evening choral concert was completely full, though of course this venue is far smaller. But the relative disparity of audience levels was not really something that I would have predicted.

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