Friday 20 August 2010

1 Day to Go - Salutary experience

At last night's rehearsal for my opera, When a Man Knows we had that problem which everyone who works with singers has, at some time or other: one of the singers was ill. So I stood in a sketched in the part. It was a salutary experience. It is one thing sitting at your computer or piano and deciding on some rather tricky ideas, time signatures etc. But it is entirely another thing to actually try to sing them!

I am planning on revising When a Man Knows next month, ready for the staged performances next year. My score of the work is now marked up with verious scribbles where I am questioning the necessity for some of the complicated bits, or flagging that I ought to work harder to make the singers life a little less problematic.

We have our final rehearsal on Saturday morning, in the theatre at the Riverside Studios when we will actually be able to try out some proper lighting. I can't wait.

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