Wednesday 5 January 2011

Too much Mozart, is it possible

From 1st January 2011, BBC Radio 3 commenced its 12 day project to broadcast all of Mozart's works. They have done this before, Beethoven and Tchaikovsky have both been subjected to this sort of intense broadcasting experience. The problem with Mozart is that he wrote so much, that 12 days are needed to cover the music. This means that for 12 whole days, whenever I switch the radio on I will hear Mozart. Now, apart from a few key points in the week (CD Review, Music Matters, Early Music Show), the joy of radio is that whenever I switch it on, something different will be there. Perhaps it will be something that I don't like, but there is always the possibility of experiencing something new, something previously unknown or perhaps re-discovering something you disliked. Of course there are plenty of moments when the programme just doesn't suit the mood and you switch over to a CD immediately.

By now, you've probably gathered that my listening habits are pretty mono-thematic, I only listen to Radio 3 and never get round to re-tuning to Radio 4 no matter how admirable the programmes might appear from reading the Radio Times.

But by now, and we are only into day 5, I am thoroughly sated (bored, dare I say) by Mozart. Whenever I have put on Radio 3 it is his mellifluous genius which has assailed my ears and I am longing for a change. Only 7 more days to go

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