Sunday 20 March 2011

When a Man Knows - 2 weeks to go

Would you believe it. We have just had the first week's rehearsals for the opera and quite eventful they were too. One of the singers has had flu and missed rehearsals and then our pianist had a bad accident leaving the first rehearsal and ended up in hospital. This left us with your composer playing the orchestral piano part, this is generally within my abilities but I am afraid there were passages that are beyond me. We start stage rehearsals next week.

Much electronic ink has been spilled in organising the suitable chains and shackles for the man, who needs to be handcuffed and chained by his legs, but in a way which is not too onerous on our baritone Dario. Some of the useful sites which we have been using have been fetish web-sites! In fact, if I'd been a bit more organised I ought to have approached them and got some sponsorship!.

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