Saturday 21 May 2011

Poet wanted

Having got my most recent opera out, I've decided I need to start looking for the next one; hopefully it won't take 10 years this time. So I'm looking for a librettist or a poet with whom to collaborate. I've got ideas for a new work but really need someone to help with the words, particularly a poet.


  1. I am your poet. I just published a lengthy poem entitled How to Carve an Angel, a book and CD with four original scores. I am performing it on opening night at the International Poetry Festival, Swansea, Wales on June 16 at the Dylan Thomas Theater. The reading is accompanied by acting, violin, and dancing. You can see book and CD at

  2. My email address is

  3. I just listened to your Agnus Dei (extract). Bravo! Very beautiful and engaging. Do you know Gerald Wheeler, an organist in his 80's who trained in England and spent much of his career in Canada? He is one of the musicians who created an impromptu accompaniment for my poem on the CD. Virtuoso violinist Alexander Romanul composed his first piece for the poem. There is also a "new wave" piece and a jazz piece. I wanted the CD to present the poem in multiple musical dimensions. I will be in Swansea from June 14, 2011 to June 20, 2011 if you want to meet.


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