Monday 12 September 2011

Last Night of the Proms

We managed to catch the end of the Last Night of the Proms on TV where Susan Bullock's performance (visual as much as aural) of Rule Britannia brought back memories of Gwynneth Jones in the same role. Edward Gardner's confident and succinct speech herald's, I would suspect, a long career doing Last Nights, if he cares to.

What always amazes me about the audience at the Last Night is how well behaved they are. Yes, they make a lot of noise, by vocal and other means, but they also know when to shut up. There is a discipline about  their performance which matches that on stage. And judging by the TV broadcast, their performance in Land of Hope of Glory and the two sing along Rogers and Hammerstein numbers was most creditable. All I have to do now is try and find time to hear Susan Bullocks performance of the Immolation scene on iPlayer before it disappears.

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