Saturday 18 February 2012

When a Man Knows - (Grabbed from Behind) - Opera by Robert Hugill

An extract from the opening scene of my opera When a Man Knows, recorded live in 2011 with Dario Dugandzic as the man, instrumental ensemble conducted by David Roblou, production directed by Ian Caddy and lit by Matt Haskins.

The Man:I would have gone along with you if you’d asked.
We didn’t need all that rough stuff.

Grabbed from behind.
Bag over the head.
Thrown into the back of a van.
Bag over the head.
Realistic. I’ll hand you that.
Too bloody realistic by half.
I can guess what happened.
You got a bit carried away.
You forgot it was a charity stunt.
“Make him think it's for real”.
OK. You succeeded.
Change of underpants required when I get home.
Bloody realistic. Too bloody realistic.
Why don’t we lose the handcuffs, the chain lose the hood?
Which one of you thought of the hood?
Nice touch, handcuffs and chain and hood?
Next time someone in the news gets kidnapped
I’ll know exactly how they feel.

Chorus: A distant sound,
something disturbed, perhaps a metal can.
Man: I heard that.

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