Friday 8 June 2012

Weather report

Well that serves me write for commenting on the weather at outdoor opera. Last night at Opera Holland Park the weather did its best to sympathise with the drama on-stage. No rain, but plenty of wind with lots of groaning in the rafters from the canopy. Also, by the opening of act 3 the cold meant that most of the opera goers were wrapped up, blankets in abundance, looking for all the world like refugees rather than a first-night opera audience. Still, it didn't seem to phase the singers and players, which was amazing.

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  1. Yow, and that's London ! Garsington Operas is at the highest point in nthe Chilterns, where it's always cool in summer when the valey is baking. This week, arctic conditions, so cold that you could see the breath coming out of the mouths of the singers.


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