Sunday 15 July 2012

How to find Zatopek! and New Music 20x12

We are going to the South Bank this afternoon to see a performance at 5pm of Emily Howard's opera, Zatopek! One of the New Music 20x12 project where 20 twelve minute pieces have been commissioned through the PRS for Music Foundation, Premiered all over the UK, they are being featured in the South Bank Centre's New Music Weekend. All well and good?

The pieces are being performed all over the South Bank, along with other events, over this weekend. Go to the South Bank Centre website to explore New Music 20x12 and you get a rather nice listing of all the events, with their dates and locations but no times. At no point did I find on the site a nice listing of the New Music 20x12 events in date time order with a clear indication of what time they were so that you could plan your day (or am I being mad).

So, a little exploration. At 4pm there is Ann Meredith's Hands Free which features the National Youth Orchestra in the Clore Ballroom, playing without their instruments! At 6pm there is Michael Wolters The Voyage, this will be a concert performance by the theatre company, Stan's Cafe, along with a film of the original staging where the audience seating platform gradually moved during the performance! Sounds fascinating, but its a pity that the full staging could not have been brought.

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