Wednesday 22 August 2012

BREMF appeal

Even in the days of relative plenty the Arts Council had a tendency to occasionally swat down companies pour encourages les autres. Those, like me, with long memories will still remember Kent Opera, the London Handel Society and the D'Oyley Carte Opera. Now, those wonderful people at Brighton Early Music Festival have learned that their ambitious programme for this year's festival, celebrating their 10th anniversary, will not receive a grant. This leaves them some £38,000.00 down.

They have strong support from friends, trusts and foundations and by trimming a little, are ensuring that the programme goes ahead without cutting any of the events. Which is great news. But they need even more support and have launched an appeal for people to become Friends or members of the Directors Circle.

This year's programme is superb and includes such gems as the Florentine Intermedi (fully staged), young artists showcases, a concert celebrating the work of David Munrow and of course the BREMF community chorus. BREMF is very much a community event and it deserves full support. Further information from the BREMF website.

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