Wednesday 8 January 2014

Arts Council confirms strategic funding for In Harmony

In Harmony - Sistema England
In a document outlining their funding strategy for 2015-2018, the Arts Council has confirmed that they will continue funding In Harmony. Though part of the budget is still subject to negotiations with the government, the council did make specific funding commitments: 'Strategic funding for In Harmony, a national programme that aims to inspire and transform the lives of children in deprived communities using the power and disciplines of community-based orchestral music-making, will continue'.

Of course such groups require support in all sorts of ways in addition to basic funding. Sistema England is currently appealing for unwanted musical instruments, which will be used for children in the programmes. If you have an instrument gathering dust on the shelf, then Sistema England wants to hear about it. Each instrument donated is another child able to learn. See their website for further information and contact details.

I recently acted as a courier for one such instrument, a flute which has made its way from Oxfordshire to Lambeth and will enable another child at In Harmony Lambeth to learn the instrument. 

There are currently seven programmes in England inspired by the Venezualan El Sistema:

In Harmony Opera North was recently nominated for Best Classical Music Education Initiative, an award sponsored by Classic FM.

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