Thursday 3 December 2015

Bastard Assignments are Fresh and Clean at the Asylum

Fresh & Clean
Bastard Assignments is an ensemble run by composers Edward Henderson and Timothy Cape. Their next gig is on Sunday 6 December 2015 at Asylum in Peckham, SE15 2SQ. The venue is the early 19th century former chapel of some historic almshouses in Peckham. Hit by an incendiary device during World War II, it has long remained semi-derelict and is being revivified as an arts space.

Bastard Assignments' event, Fresh and Clean, promises an exhilarating evening of new music and performance with new work by Tim Cape, Edward Henderson and Josh Spear, with experimentalists Andy Ingamells from Birmingham, Neele Hülcker and Ludwig Abraham from Germany. 

We are promised that Abraham and Ingamells’ 'radical and uncompromising performances challenge what music is' and can be whilst Neele Hülcker will present work exploring ASMR - an Internet community who get extremely pleasurable physical responses from quiet sounds and whispering! The event will also present new work by resident Bastard Assignments composers Timothy Cape, Edward Henderson and Josh Spear.

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