Monday 12 December 2016

Newly devised: a radical musical re-working of The Winter's Tale

Rehearsal shot taken during the Aldeburgh Music Residency, featuring Louisa Hollway, William McGeough and Héloïse Werner.  Photo: Sam Murray-Sutton
Rehearsal shot taken during the Aldeburgh Music Residency,
Hollway, William McGeough, Héloïse Werner & Marianne Schofield.  Photo: Sam Murray-Sutton
Tomorrow (13 December 2016) sees the premiere of an intriguing new version of Shakespeare's The Winter's Tale. Reduced to around an hour, the performance features four musicians and five actors, not a play with music, but an organic marriage of the two art forms through the plot and words of Shakespeare. The work has been created by director Nina Brazier, composer Kim Ashton and The Hermes Experiment (Heloise Werner soprano (last seen in her one woman show), Anne Denholm harp, Marianne Schofield double bass, Oliver Pashler clarinet), with actors William McGeough, Sadie Parsons, Robert Willoughby, Louisa Hollway and Christopher Adams. The performance takes place at The Cockpit Theatre, NW8 8EH

The work was developed during an Aldeburgh Music Residency in September 2016. The music is in part composed, in part devised, and in part improvised, all in response to the demands of the text and the drama, illustrating the collaborative nature of the project.

Full information from The Cockpit Theatre website.

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