Tuesday 25 July 2017

One Creation

Alice Sielle - One Creation
The St Marylebone Festival and Song in the City (artistic director Gavin Roberts) have joined forces to present an intriguing programme as part of the festival, One Creation, which is being presented at St Marylebone Parish Church tomorrow (26 July 2017). Gavin Roberts and artist Alice Sielle have invited artists and musicians born into different faiths, but not necessarily practising, to choose secular or religious texts, poems and songs from their own heritage on three subjects: ‘love of the whole of nature or creation’ ‘equality, justice, freedom for all’ and‘erotic love’.

There will be performances from artists of Jewish, Christian, Islamic, Hindu, Sikh backgrounds. The performance is combined with projections of the abstract paintings by Alice Sielle. Performers include Ranjana Ghatak, Tami Tal, Leon Silver, Merit Ariane Stephanos, Avaes Mohammad, Harpriet Kaur and Harkesh Kaur.

Further information from EventBrite.

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