Friday 26 November 2021

Share Sound: From a quick-fire germ to something beyond the scope of any project Orchestras Live has ever delivered before

Orchestras Live's Share Sound

Orchestras Live's Share Sound initiative was conceived as an 'of the moment' project, a response to the fact that as a result of the pandemic, young people were no longer going to be able to meet, to perform or create live music together, and that his would affect many of Orchestras Live's music education partners.

So, Share Sound was born, a digital creative project enabling young musicians to explore digital ensemble music making, composing, and performing with professional composers and orchestras. 'Of the moment' it might have been, but experience, connections, knowledge and deeply held beliefs about musical inclusion, drove the project beyond the scope of any project the organisation has ever delivered before.

Share Sound developed into large-scale digital project involving six music education hub partners, three orchestras, six music creators and composers, over 250 young co-creators plus an additional 132 primary school performers, and a professional digital production team, culminating in a live broadcast event watched by approximately 2,000 people.

A lot has been learned from the project, and now a report has been produced enabling others to learn:

  • How an inclusive approach resulted in high-quality musical outcomes
  • How digital delivery methods have enabled partners to enhance their youth music offers
  • The digital production skills needed to produce a project of this scale
  • The challenges of producing the project and lessons learned
The Share Sound report is available from Orchestras Live website.

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