Tuesday 14 February 2023

Music for the Fuggers: release of Linarol Consort's Inn Stetter Hut on Inventa complemented with concert tour with James Gilchrist

INV1010 Inn Stetter Hut Linarol Consort James Gilchrist
Inn Stetter Hut is the second volume of the Linarol Consort's exploration of music from a 16th century manuscript of viol consort music that was in the collection of the Fugger family. A rich banking dynasty based in Augsburg, they were headed by Jakob Fugger 'The Rich' who gives the disc its subtitle, '16th century viol music for the richest man in the world'. Though it has to be pointed out that Jakob died in 1525, so whether or not the manuscript was commissioned by him, by the time it was finished it would have come into the possession of his successor, his nephew Anton Fugger.

Inn Stetter Hut, which has just been released on the Inventa label, features tenor James Gilchrist and the Linarol Consort of viols, and this second recording is the culmination of a project started by David Hatcher (artistic director of the Linarol Consort) over a decade ago when he began transcribing the ‘Fugger’ manuscript (Ms. 18-810): a collection of delightful German, Flemish and French pieces from the early 16th century.

To complement the disc, James Gilchrist and the Linarol Consort are performing music from the manuscript featuring 16th-century song accompanied on copies of the earliest surviving viol, and innovative instrumental pieces. There are concerts at Holywell Music Room, Oxford (7/3/2023), Downing Place URC, Cambridge CB2 3EL (10/3/2023) and King Charles the Martyr, Tunbridge Wells TN1 1YX (17/3/2023).

Full details from the Linarol Consort's website.

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