Thursday 20 July 2023

La Conversation Enchantée et Galante - Susie Vaughan's new piece for Baroque Ensemble performed by Florilegium

La Conversation Enchantée et Galante by Susie Vaughan is one of three winning pieces from the Ruzickova Composition Competition 2022. Vaughan's piece was inspired by the brief  to 'explore Telemann’s Paris Quartets and celebrate the art of conversation between instruments.'. Vaughan explains that she 'started with the ensemble quaver motif from Modéré in the 6th Quatuor TWV 43:e4 – my favourite movement – and transformed this into a semi-quaver motif heard at the beginning of the piece and later as an accompanying background ‘buzz’ in the instrumental conversation.'

Here Vaughan's piece is presented in a video by Simon Helbling, recorded by Ada Witczyk, Baroque violin, and members of Florilegium - Baroque flute: Ashley Solomon, Viola da gamba: Reiko Ichise, Harpsichord (audio): Steven Devine, Harpsichord (on screen): Dominika Maszczynskaaa.

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