Tuesday 17 October 2023

Traces of the White Rose: for the 80th anniversary of the execution of the final member of the non-violent group resisting the Nazi's in 1943, SANSARA explore the subject in words & music


The White Rose was a non-violent resistance group in Nazi Germany, five students and a professor who stood up to Nazism by writing, printing, and circulating anti-Nazi, anti-war pamphlets, and six paid with their lives. 2021 was the centenary of the birth of of Sophie Scholl, one of the founders of the group, and the choir SANSARA, artistic director Tom Herring, developed Voices of the German Resistance, a programme which interleaved music by Bach, Byrd, Rudolf Mauersberger, Max Reger, Philip Moore and Piers Kennedy with readings from the resistance group's writings in new English translations by students at the University of Oxford. The programme was developed with The White Rose Project, a research and engagement initiative at the University of Oxford.

Now, to coincide with the 80th anniversary of the execution of Willi Graf, the final core member of the White Rose to be executed for defying the Nazi Regime, SANSARA and Dr Alexandra Lloyd of The White Rose Project have created a Podcast, Traces of the White Rose.

Dr Alexandra Lloyd explains, "Traces of the White Rose introduces this courageous group of resisters through their own writings. It's a truly collaborative effort, with music by SANSARA, and translations by students at the University of Oxford. As a lecturer and author, it’s amazing to hear this story brought to life and to hear traces of these incredible individuals who risked everything for freedom."

You can find details of the Podcast on SANSARA's website. They will be performing a live version of the programme, Traces of the White Rose at the Wiltshire Music Centre on 11 November 2023,  full details from the centre's website.

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