Tuesday 7 November 2023

Walküres take flight at St John’s this November

Wagner: Die Walküre - The London Opera Company
Fans of Wagner’s epic tale of love, feuding families, betrayal and retribution are in for a treat this Saturday 25 November. The London Opera Company, which has been delighting Wagner fans and critics since bursting onto the scene in 2020, returns to St John's, Smith Square, for what promises to be a memorable concert performance of Die Walküre.

Die Walküre features a world-class cast of singers and musical direction by Peter Selwyn, who has assisted on Bayreuth and Royal Opera House productions of Der Ring des Nibelungen.

The London Opera Company orchestra brings together a carefully chosen core of professionals alongside talented semi-professional musicians from London’s leading music colleges. And this performance will also deploy the Royal Opera House’s famous Wagner horns to achieve that authentic and stirring Wagnerian sound.

An equally impressive cast includes much-celebrated singer Sarah Pring, who starred as mentor and coach in Sky Art’s Anyone Can Sing, and fresh from performing with ENO at the BBC Proms, Gweneth Ann Rand, who returns as Sieglinde following last year’s rave reviews. They join experienced Wagnerian singers, some debuting roles for the first time including gifted tenor Ben Thapa as Siegmond.

The London Opera Company is a not for profit organisation dedicated to bringing audiences world-class performances at an affordable ticket price. They performed Wagner's Tristan und Isolde, conducted by Peter Selwyn, at St. John's Smith Square in October 2022 having given Die Walküre in a chamber arrangement in 2021.

The London Opera Company will perform Die Walküre at St John's Smith Square on Saturday 25 November 2023, full details from St John's website.

The London Opera Company at St John's Smith Square
The London Opera Company at St John's Smith Square

Cast List

Siegmund - Ben Thapa
Sieglinde- Gweneth Ann Rand
Hunding- Simon Wilding
Wotan- Simon Thorpe
Fricka- Harriet Williams
Brünnhilde- Cara Mchardy
Gerhilde - Nina Bennet
Helmwig - Sky Ingram
Ortlinde - Philippa Boyle
Waltraute - Harriet Williams
Schwertleite - Mae Heydorn
Roßweiße - Sarah Pring
Siegrune -  Carolyn Dobbin
Grimgerde - Katherine Taylor Jones

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  1. I have just returned from Wexford and if I had read any other review of L'Aube Rouge, I would have sold my tickets. I absolutely thrilled to have found a reviewer who found the opera as exciting as I did. How an opera of this quality gets consigned to oblivion beats me. It is far better than many other operas in the repertory. I have been humming the tunes since I left Wexford and thank goodness it is on YouTube, so I have been able to relive the experience. Who really cares about the plot? most opera plots are stupid anyway, and this is better than most. The music and the singing were fabulous. Please may somebody put on another of his operas - I would travel anywhere to experience it


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