Tuesday 29 March 2005

Die Walk.....

The big news in our house yesterday (Easter Monday) was the disappearance of Acts 2 and 3 of Die Walküre from BBC TV's schedules because of Bryn Terfel's illness. Is it me, or is an aura of doubt and cancellation gathering around Terfel. Rightly, or wrongly, some artists seem to gather this.

I've already seen the opera live, (my review is on Music and Vision), but seeing things on TV means that you pick up on details which are not visible from the Amphitheatre seats in the Royal Opera House. M., our Wagner loving lodger, was looking forward to the production immensely. He'd had his appetite whetted by my descriptions and we'd had long discussions about what Warner's production might mean.

M. had already picked up on details I'd missed such as the fact that the wearing of the ring itself seems to cause scorching on the wearing. And he was already speculating about the links between Nibelheim and the Valkyrie rock, as both seem to involve viscerated corpses.

So, paradise postponed until Saturday then.

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