Wednesday 23 March 2005

Fame at last

I've just heard from a friend, who phoned to congratulate me that my settings of Carl Cook, sung by the Burgundian Cadence, are on the Radio tomorrow night, Thursday 24th, BBC Radio 3, Late Junction at 10.15pm. I think its my debut on Radio 3, what fun. The settings come from my Passion, which interpolates settings of Carl's poems into the St. John Passion done unaccompanied by just 4 voices. The disc was produced comercially and is still available.

Its rather funny, because I've just had an email conversation with the director of another group about the Passion, he'd just got around to listening to the CD I sent him. This conjures up visions of the various CD's I've sent out somehow finally squirrelling their way to the tops of desks, like an alien invasion in Doctor Who - well we can but hope.

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