Monday 23 January 2006

Singing cowboys

We went to see Brokeback Mountain yesterday and when conversation afterwards turned to the subject of opera, we considered whether the film would make a good subject for an opera. The answer was no, I could not imagine making the cowboy's sing convincingly and the others pointed out that the film was so dependent on the stunning scenery that we could not see it being confined to the stage.

Opera is on my mind at the moment as Coni has sent me a bunch of ideas which I need to read through and comment on. I've also got some other irons in the fire, so you never know what might happen!


  1. I have a couple of books that I re-read constantly, hoping that they would someday become either a play or opera. Glad to hear I'm not the oly one who does this!!


  2. Its quite alarming though, trying to put your ideas into practice. I've tried a couple of times, with varying degrees of success. I have the greatest of admiration for people such as Amanda Holden, who can distill the essence of a novel/play into a manageable libretto.


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