Wednesday 14 February 2007

I spent a large chunk of yesterday evening, braving the rain and travelling to All Saints Church, East Finchley. We're planning to do the recording there for the forthcoming Divine Art disc of my choral and vocal music. The venue has already been seen by the recording team but I'd never visited it and travelled out to see the churchand head its organ. (Interestingly, the organ is not tuned to concert pitch, but has always been high.) The director of music at the church is the composer Geoffrey Hanson.

I was doubly interested, therefore, to read Norman Lebrecht's piece in today's Evening Standard, (visible one the web here at La Scena Musicale) about a young violinist who, despairing of getting any major notice, decided to make her own disc. She recorded the Shostakovitch violin concerto and managed to raise the £30,000 necessary for the orchestra. I was very impressed. But of course the realities of classical music CD production slip out during the article, Lebrecht tells us that the disc has sold 600 copies, but is still doing well. You do the math, as the Americans say - a bit scary really.

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