Monday 19 February 2007

Jogging along

In case you wonder about the rather skimpy posts of late, except for my CD reviewing, I've been quite active. Its just that everything seems to have been in the background.

For our All Saints concert on March 18th I've been busy writing the programme notes (and of course learning the music), plus dealing with the odd logistical nightmare relating to rehearsal locations!

For the recording, I've started the process of sorting out the music for the singers and instrumentalists. Shortly, I'll be embarking on the rather tedious business of generating viable instrumental parts from the score. In theory this is easily done using Finale, but it never seems quite as simple as you are lead to believe. Also, I'm also rather fussy and want the parts to be laid out OK.

Also, planning ahead for the recording release etc. I am arranging to have some proper publicity photographs taken. The last few have been rather last minute, ad hoc ones and its about time I had some considered photos. Also, I'm hoping to get a photographer along to the sessions.

We've also been busy at London Concord Singers, organising our summer trip. We're going to be doing a concert in Basel, in the Munster on Sat. 4th August. So we are now in the midst of firming up the number of singers, arranging accommodation and making more detailed arrangements for the concert. Tedious at times, but it gives us something to look forward to in the summer.

Anticipating that my CD will be released (on the Divine Art label) in the Autumn, I'm also plotting some possible concerts to coincide with the release. More anon.

So, as you can see, I'm quite busy, without actually seeming to have an end product - yet. On the writing front, I have almost completed a first draft of a setting of Dylan Thomas poem and have another, lighter piece awaiting revisions and general post-completion tidying.

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