Saturday 7 July 2007

Capuletti e Montecchi

Last night we went to hear Grange Park Opera at their outpost at Nevill Holt in Leicestershire. Nevill Holt is a rambling old (v. old) mansion owned by David Ross and he has built a very permanent temporary theatre in the courtyard of the stables.

Unlike Northington Grange, Grange Park Opera's main home, Nevill Holt is occupied so all of the audience facilities are in tents. As David Ross has guests for the opera you get a stream of people going into the house before the opera, some of them arriving in helicopters (not allowed at Northington Grange). Ross has had the house and the gardens restored and before the opera there is the chance to have a wander around the fabulous walled gardens.

My review of the opera itself will appear in due course, but the performance was entrancing.

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