Wednesday 11 July 2007

Proms ahoy

Today's Evening Standard has an article with different critics selecting their stand-out Proms from this year's season. And whilst there are some interesting things out there, I must confess that not many of this seasons concerts make me burn with a desire to be in the Albert Hall. Particularly when I've done a full day's work and could be sitting comfortably at home. Or am I just getting old?

Anyway, we are doing the Proms, well 3 of them! But July and August are generally so crammed with holidays, weekends away etc. that we usually miss the best Proms. On Tuesday 17th we're doing the late night prom with the newly discovered Striggio Mass amongst other things. Friends who have sung in the Striggio 40-part motet have commented that it is rather boring, so I will be very interested.

The following Tuesday we are seeing the Glyndebourne Prom, Verdi's Macbeth without the controversial production. Then later in the season we'll be hearing Elgar's The Apostles. One of those works that it's necessary to hear every 10 years or so. (Which means I've got a Bruckner symphony coming up soon!)

Last night we managed to listen again on the BBC website to Saturday's Early Music Show. I had caught the programme live, but not listened properly as I was busy finishing a piece of Music. (For those who wonder, I have the rather annoying habit of having the radio on in each room and playing the piano or playing back music from my PC.).

Rather fascinatingly the piece O Crux Fructus
taken from a disc by Ensemble Lucidarium, sounded a lot like one of the track's from Luc Arbogast's disc.

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