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Thursday, 10 November 2011

Now available for download

I have increased the number of my works available from the wonderful http://www.tutti.co.uk website. Now you can download pdf's rather than having to wait for the printed music. At the moment the following are available:-

Harvest Ramble, fantasia for solo guitar - http://www.tutti.co.uk/sheet-music/harvest-ramble-RTHUL-SP7502-D2
Tell me Shepherd, a carol for unccompanied choir - http://www.tutti.co.uk/sheet-music/tell-me-shepherd-RTHUL-SP4401-D1

Two Sketches after Browning for solo piano - http://www.tutti.co.uk/sheet-music/two-sketches-for-piano-after-poems-by-browning-RTHUL-SP7514-D3

So if any of these sound intriguing, do go over to tutti.co.uk and at the moment there is a sale on with 20% off most items.

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