Thursday 27 November 2014

Phantom Voices

Edward Wickham of The Clerks
Following up from their previous innovative concert combining music and science, Tales from Babel (see Hilary's review on this blog), Edward Wickham and The Clerks are at it again. Their new programme is Phantom Voices: A History of Music in Seven Hauntings about the way that the mind imagines music.  

Phantom Voices is a concert programme, an immersive one, created by composer Christopher Fox, Charles Ferneyhough and Edward Wickham, mixing live and pre-recorded elements to give some sense of what it is like to experience musical hallucinations.  Ferneyhough is the Director of Hearing the Voice, an interdisciplinary project at Durham University aimed at heling us understand of hearing a voice no-one else can hear (auditory verbal halluciantions)

The audience At Phantom Voices is led through a sequence of interrelated music from Bach and Isaac to bluegrass and folk. Composer Christopher Fox explains that 'each new element will reveal itself as a re-invention of something we already know'. The audience will also be 'haunted more directly', by pre-recorded elements.

Intrigued? There is a video after the break and you can hear the concert live at the Spitalfields Festival on 15 December 2014.

The Clerks - Phantom Voices: A History of Music in Seven Hauntings from ICA Films on Vimeo.

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