Saturday 13 December 2014

Songs that Shook the World - No. 3 from Cerys Matthews

WNO Occupation
Yesterday Welsh National Opera and The Space published on-line the latest of the Songs That Shook the World, five pieces of music commissioned from a variety of artists as part of the Occupation project and the artists were asked to respond to current events. 

Cerys Matthews
Cerys Matthews
The most recent one, song no. 3, is Cerys Matthews in a new version of the spiritual Nobody knows the trouble I've seen which reflects her concerns about the current wave of race-related events in current weeks. Other artists in the project, whose works have been already released, are composer Judith Weir and American singer-songwriter Carleen Andrews. The Soundcloud page for the project includes not only the finished music but spoken introductions from artists.

Weir's song, The Sleeping Mat Ballad is inspired by the Occupy Central protest in which continues in Hong Kong, and the title refers to the protestors weaving their own sleeping mats, whilst Carleen Andrews' Grains of Dust was inspired by the shooting incident in Ferguson and her theme is that 'the cycle of violence will only end when there is respect for everyone'.

There is a whole website devoted to project, where there are films being released as well and further information being released via Twitter: @_FiveSongs

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