Sunday 1 March 2015

Sing Victoria in Ávila

A friend of mine, Rupert Damerell (he was the counter tenor on the 1998 recording of my Passion) runs choral courses in Spain. He is doing a course in August (19 - 23 August 2015) singing three choir music by Victoria and Vivanco in Ávila this summer, directed by Peter Phillips (of the Tallis Scholars), himself and Alexander Campkin. Aimed at good amateur singers or students, it is held in a XVIth century monastery (stunning to look at but with modern conveniences such as wifi!) in the city of Ávila with a concert in the Cathedral where Victoria and Vivanco were choirboys as Santa Teresa of Ávila looked on. Full details from the Zenobia website.

There are also still spaces for tenors and basses on the other Ávila summer course, with Ensemble Plus Ultra (25 July to 1 August), on the Iberian Requiem, with full choir, small groups, individual classes etc. - a more complete vocal course on renaissance singing. Full details from

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