Friday 9 October 2015

The Genesis of Frankenstein at Toi Toi 2015

An Operatic Club Night at The CLF Art Cafe

Wednesday 28 and Thursday 29 October 2015
133 Rye Lane, Peckham, London SE15 4ST

Further details of the premiere of my opera The Genesis of Frankenstein as part of the Helios Collective's Toi Toi 2015

Leave your suit and tie behind for two evenings of eclectic musical entertainment in the heart of Peckham. Helios Collective has brought together music from London to Jamaica, and from Finland to Brazil. Relax and experience modern opera alongside rock, bossa nova, pop-fusion, jazz, and reggae. Toi Toi is a celebration of new music, performed by talented international artists. 

Full programme after the break


Wednesday 28 October 2015

Folarin Akinmade (compere)
Folarin Akinmade is a singersongwriter from south Croydon. His music ranges folk to funk, and everything in between.

Mimi Doulton King Haraldʼs Saga by Judith Weir
King Haraldʼs Saga is a ten-minute opera comprising eight roles performed by a solo soprano. The opera is sung without any instrumental accompaniment, and will be performed at Toi Toi by Mimi Doulton.

Helios Collective July 20th 1944 A Last Farewell by Noah Mosely (new opera commission)
Conductor Noah Mosley / Director Ella Marchment
July 20th 1944 chronicles the attempt of Adam von Trott and his fellow conspirators to kill Hitler. It is an opera about young people without a place in the world, desperately struggling to maintain their dignity and to create a better society for them to live in.

Helios Collective The Genesis of Frankenstein by Robert Hugill (new opera commission).
Conductor Noah Mosley / Director Ella Marchment
Robert Hugill brings much-needed revitalisation to the classical style through the energising influence of vernacular and contemporary music. The Genesis of Frankenstein uses three soloists as narrators to trace the roots of Victor Frankensteinʼs obsession with creating a new human life, while delving into the horrors that haunt his mind.

Ida is an all-female popopera band that covers a spectrum of songs from Dvořák to Jessie J, and all the way back to Bizet. Sung with a piano accompanist or a cappella, the works always have dynamic four-part harmonies.

Ergo Phizmiz Vogel Europa
Vogel Europa is an opera that uses song, mixed language, and rhythmic spoken words. Taking cues from the intoned-voice operas of Robert Ashley and the sound-poetry exhibits of the Dadaists, Vogel Europa also references the work of Polish writer Bruno Schulz.

The Hermes Experiment Metropolis
The Hermes Experiment is a four-piece ensemble (harp, clarinet, soprano, double bass) that focuses on contemporary and experimental music. Metropolis is a new nine-episode semi-improvised piece that places instruments in dialogue with the sounds of the city.

General Skank
General Skank is a seven-piece reggae group based in London. Armed with dubby melodies, sweet politically conscious vocals, and a stylistic mashup that ranges from roots to rock-steady, and from dub to dancehall, General Skank is leading the vanguard of the Brit Reggae Revival Army.

Miles Russell DJ

Thursday 29 October 2015

Shadwell Opera
Shadwell Opera aims to provoke new audiences with socially and politically engaged works that engage contemporary sensibilities. Toi Toi will feature video screenings of Shadwell Opera projects.

Victoria Mulley Try Me Good King: Last Words of the Wives of Henry VIII by Libby Larsen.
Piano Niklas Oldermeier / Director by Greg Eldridge
Try Me Good King, sung by soprano Victoria Mulley, is based on the final words of Henry VIIIʼs wives, taken from their final letters and, in applicable cases, execution speeches.

Helios Collective The Genesis of Frankenstein by Robert Hugill.
Conductor Noah Mosley / Director Ella Marchment.
As performance on 28 October.

Helios Collective July 20th, 1944 A Last Farewell by Noah Mosely.
Conductor Noah Mosley / Director Ella Marchment.
As performance on 28 October.

Strange Boy
Strange Boy features the talented duo of Kieran Brunt and Matt Huxley. They are based in London and perform electronic songs.

Miika Hyytiänen Hear Here
Miika Hyytiäinen is a Finnish composer of experimental music theatre. Hear Here asks several questions, including, what is musical space in terms of the mind, the body, and the score; and how do the locations of compositions and performances inspire, impact, and affect the resulting music?

Embaúba Ensemble
In performing Portuguese fado, contemporary Brazilian, and Cape Verdean songs, Embaúbaʼs Ensembles repertoire offers rich possibilities for expressing emotion.The singular taste of the Embaúba trees fruit symbolises the bandʼs distinctive sound.

Miles Russell and Richard Jones DJs
An after party will be held at the CLF Art Cafe on the Thursday 29 October.

Helios Collective
Founded in 2012 by Artistic Director Ella Marchment, Helios Collective provides opportunities for artists across the creative spectrum. Helios Collective has rapidly earned a reputation for putting on bold, high-quality productions, such as an operaballet of Stravinsky's Renard, and an international tour of Sir Peter Maxwell Daviess Eight Songs For a Mad King.

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