Tuesday 27 February 2018

Reviews of Quickening in Fanfare Magazine and American Record Guide

I am pleased to say there are reviews in the American Record Guide's Mar/Apr 2018 issue and Fanfare Magazine's Jan/Feb 2018 issue of Quickening, the disc of my songs performed by mezzo-soprano Anna Huntley, baritone Johnny Herford, viola player Rosalind Ventris and pianist Will Vann, on the Navona Records label.
Here are some selected quotes

There were two reviews in Fanfare:
Review by Colin Clarke:
* 'Hugill writes with a real awareness of beauty of text and of sound.'
* 'Johnny Herford presents the vocal line with real feeling.'
* Winter Journey: 'Hugill's writing verges on the skeletal. This is remarkable music.'
* 'Hugill's tender setting of 'He Looked at Me' rises admirably to the challenge.'
* 'Anna Huntley ... has a superb voice, just right for the music; Rosalind Ventris's viola itself sings almost vocally.'
* 'There is much beauty here. The warm, intimate recording reflects the nature of the songs themselves.'
Review by Devie DeBoor Canfield:
* 'his compositions focus on the voice for which he writes graciously and idiomatically.'
* 'The piano accompaniments are lovely in their simplicity, and enhance the vocal lines thereby.'
* 'Johnny Herford and Anna Huntley ... sing with sensitivity and expression.'
* 'Lovers of finely crafted art songs will definitely want to check this disc out.'
American Record Guide:
* 'the songs are expressive, fully reflecting the emotions of their verses'
* 'the piano writing is nearly monodic in its starkness'
* 'the violia writing shows complete appreciation of its unique timbre'
* 'performances by singers and accompanists are heartfelt and well executed'
Further information from the Quickening page on my website.

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