Friday 25 May 2018

Gala concert: Supporting Women and Parents in Opera

Supporting Women and Parents in Opera (SWAP'ra) was formed last year by a number of women artists who work in opera (Kitty Whately, Madeleine Pierard, Anna Patalong, Ella Marchment, Sophie Gilpin, Jessica Cottis) and the organisation aims to be a voice for women and parents in opera, both celebrating the achievements of women in an industry where women are often under represented, and addressing the under representation issues with projects such as parents in the arts. Many of the founders have children, so the issue of finding time to take off for pregnancy and fitting family life in with an operatic career is clearly very germane.

To support the group's work, there is a gala concert at Opera Holland Park on 31 July 2018, with an all woman team:
  • conductors Jessica Cottis (Gala music director), Alice Farnham, Sonia Ben Santamaria, Susannah Wapshott
  • directors Lucy Bradley, Deborah Cohen, Karen Gillingham, Sophie Gilpin (SWAP’ra co-founder), Francesca Gilpin, Ella Marchment (SWAP’ra co-founder), Noa Naamat, Robin Norton-Hale
  • singers Rosie Aldridge, Giselle Allen, Jeni Bern, Mary Bevan, Katie Bird, Lee Bisset, Rebecca Bottone, Katie Bray, Katherine Broderick, Rebecca Caine, Catherine Carby, Sarah Castle, Fleur de Bray, Anna Devin, Carolyn Dobbin, Anne Sophie Duprels, Jenni France, Nazan Fikret, Catherine Hopper, Yvonne Howard, Jennifer Johnston, Fiona Kimm, Janis Kelly, Rhian Lois, Caroline Macphie, Diana Montague, Anna Patalong (SWAP’ra co-founder), Madeleine Pierard (SWAP’ra co-founder), Rosalind Plowright, Gillian Ramm, Meeta Raval, Amanda Roocroft, Lucy Schaufer, Helen Sherman, Angela Simkin, Sarah Tynan (SWAP’ra patron), Kitty Whately (SWAP’ra co-founder), Catherine Wyn Rogers. 
All inevitably subject to availability. And an all-woman orchestra.
The evening will feature music from operatic favourites such as Le Nozze di Figaro, Madama Butterfly, and Eugene Onegin as well as contemporary work by female composers Elena Langer, Roxanna Panufnik and Josephine Stephenson.

The concert will raise money for the various creative projects SWAP'ra has lined up, including grants for opera parents, mentorship schemes, and further performance opportunities for less established female artists.

Full details from the SWAP'ra website.

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