Tuesday 19 February 2019

Consent and Communication at Work

Consent and Communication at Work
Consent and Communication at Work: a training day for performers at opera is running at Paines Plough on Sunday 24 February 2019.

Theatre company Paines Plough has partnered with Houselights and Intimacy Directors International UK to offer a training day for onstage performers in opera. The day will include discussions and practical explorations of how to use intimacy tools to create safe, consented visual moments, workshops on the multitude of ways harassment manifests in our industry, plus industry panels and discussion. The workshops are open to all singers in training, and to onstage performers at any stage of their career.

Further details from the website.

Update:  Though the event is at Paines Plough HQ, and they've been supportive by donating the space for free, they haven't organised it. There's more info on HERA's website (www.wearehera.co.uk).

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