Tuesday 18 February 2020

Pytheas: an intriguing concept album

David Griffin is a young composer currently working in Film/TV and Games, his music has been featured a number of times on BBC Radio 4. He has released an intriguing concept album, Pytheas, 17 tracks each with an evocative title ('Welcome aboard the B.S.V Pytheas', 'Drifting Off Course', 'We've Picked up Something!', etc), each full of dramatic, rather filmic music which mixes electronic music with traditional orchestral arrangements. The twist is that the storyline has only ever been in Griffin's head, and that it is left to the listener to fill in the gaps based on the music.

In case you are wondering, Pytheas was a 4th century BC Greek geographer and explorer, who made a voyage of exploration to North-West Europe including visiting Great Britain and Ireland, as well as being the first person on record to describe the Midnight Sun. Pytheas' writings do not survive and we only know of his work via later writers.

You can hear samples from the album on David Griffin's website, and the album is available from Spotify, and from Amazon, you can also find him on SoundCloud.

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