Thursday 16 July 2020

Live music returns: Opera Holland Park announces details of its concert in Holland Park

Opera Holland Park
Exciting news that live performance (with an audience) is returning to London, albeit in reduced format. Opera Holland Park have announced details of its event on Saturday 25 July 2020, when there will be a programme of opera arias performed in front of the ruins of Holland House.

The temporary theatre will not be there, but there will be seating, and we are promised performances from Natalya Romaniw, David Butt Philip, Yvonne Howard, Lauren Fagan, Nardus Williams, Anne Patalong, Alison Langer, Samuel Sakker, Clare Presland, Blaise Malaba, Ross Ramgobin, and Kiandra Howarth, with the City of London Sinfonia.

No word on the programme yet, but that hardly matters does it, the sheer idea of hearing live music again is quite wonderful. Congratulations to Opera Holland Park for bringing this together so quickly.

Full details from the Opera Holland Park website, and public booking opens tomorrow.

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